Dissertations - Inclusiveness

Rita Costa Nascimento

Acessibility in Build Envirnoment: from Context to User. Case Study: IST Alameda Campus

November 2012

. (presentation, thesis)






Carolina Gonçalves Martins

The inclusive school building

September 2009

This work refers to the inclusive school. Awareness of the diversity’s existence in a school community involves giving equal opportunities of access to all users to a school, whatever their abilities and mobility needs. The aim is to explore the accessibility’s conditions in school places, define the characteristics of a “school for all”, and identify the measures to be implemented so that it allows equal ease of access, use and experience to all people. (presentation, thesis)




Inês Rodrigues Rita

Impedement for walking activities in urban context - For an analytical frame - A case study: urban route un Sete Rios (Lisbon)

November 2008

This work refers to the identification and characterization of the urban space morphology, which create impediments or limitations for walking activities. In this study it was created an analytical frame based in Kohlsdorf's environmental perception analysis, in Thiel's anotations for a participatory envirotecture, in Hilier and Hanson's Space Syntax theory and Murp's The Hierarchy of Walking Needs theory. This analysis was applied in the case study of Sete Rios, in Lisbon, which space is characterized by the coexistence of distinct urban grids. Confronting urban morphology with walked space perception of Sete Rios. (thesis)